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Large Order Alerts

Set up custom alerts that are tailored to your options trading style.


Keep up with the pros by adding your favorite stocks to your options watchlist.

Sweep Orders

Find large orders that are spread across many smaller trades for major ETFs and individual stocks quickly.

New & Opening Contracts

These are new and unusually large positions that represent fresh perspectives on the underlying stock.

Dark Pool Orders

Find out what trades are taking place outside of the main exchanges

Unusual Crypto Whales

Coming soon,  access unusual
trading activity across all
crypto markets.

Options analytics for retail traders like never before.

Utilize powerful analytics to anticipate market movements and identify important option trades with high liquidity.

Cream of the crop

Our algorithms save you time by surfacing only actionable trades that are worth your time.

Flow summary

We'll aggregate and summarize the daily flow data so you can discover new patterns before anyone else.

Data once only accessible by Wall Street institutions.

Option trades aren't all the same. Over 95% of option trades are noise. We will help you cut through the noise and focus on the orders with the utmost conviction.

Dark Pool Orders

These trades take place off the main exchanges, and are done between private parties, usually for a reason.

Sweep Orders

Many of the biggest trades are broken up into thousands of smaller orders. By using our tools, you can quickly locate them in any  stock.

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